Know Your District Officers

Districts have many goals and responsibilities in their charters. Many are administrative and report oriented with the Department. These are handled routinely by the officers and staff of the district. The achievement of these goals and responsibilities requires clear lines of communications. The district has the information to contact most officers in most posts. Clear lines of communications are a two-way street. To ensure the Posts have the information necessary to contact the District, this list will be published each month in this bulletin. Your district officers are committed to assisting the 18th District posts in any way they can. Please feel free to call or contact them at any time. 2013-2014


District Commander Dave Whalen (P-475) (626) 523-3765 commander18@roadrunner.com
Jr. Past Commander Scott Sinclair (P-147) (626) 674-7101 sas1469@gmail.com
1st Vice Commander John Watkind (P-280) 626-205-4854 wattime@gmail.com
2nd Vice Commander Auggie Galaviz (P-790) (562) 706-0178 age69vet@verizon.net
District Adjutant Scott Sinclair (P-147) (626) 674-7101 sas1469@gmail.com
Finance / Scribe & PDC  (Open)     
Service Officer John McGuire  (P-13) (626) 664-2520 maxgwyer@aol.com
Judge Advocate & PDC Manuel E. Vital  (P-508) (323) 595-5407 cuauhtemoe62@yahoo.com
Chaplin Neil LaSala (P-280) (626) 833-8493 nlasala@lausd.net
Sgt-at-Arms Irvin Flores (P-508) (626) 235-4138  irvin201010@gmail.com
Asst. Sgt-At-Arms Ernest Leyva (P397) (626) 571-1071 earnest.leyva@mygait.com
Historian (Open) (  
Executive Committee Irvin Flores (P-508) (626)235-4138 irvin201010@gmail.com
  Tony Hernandez (P-75) (323) 382-4575 (None)
  John Lopez (P-241) (626) 224-1623 gizmo@yahoo.com
  John Bartos (P-280) (626) 284-8903 bartosjb@att.net
  JR Duarte (P-10) (626) 592-3842 jrduarte22@gmail.com
Ken Anderson (P-755) (626) 327-0409 kenandy1@aol.com
  Medellin Garcia (P-241) 845-821-0198 medellingarcia@gmail.com